Mind-Body Harmony with Jackie White

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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner healing with Cane River Creole healing practitioner, Jackie White. In her Mind-Body Harmony sessions, Jackie guides individuals through personalized yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness practices, fostering a reconnection with body and mind. Integrating Reiki healing and Ayurvedic wisdom, she explores traditional yoga concepts to deepen self-awareness and embrace each individual’s unique path to wholeness in a safe, supportive space. Join Jackie White on this enriching path to mind-body harmony.

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Through a blend of movement, breathwork, and mindfulness practices, Jackie guides you to rediscover your innate connection to your body and nervous system. Uncover a sense of wholeness as you embark on this enriching journey of self-discovery.

Service List:

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Planning:
    • Encouraging space to explore emotions and foster growth and healing
    • Comprehensive assessment of current mind-body connection
    • Identification of blocks and areas to nurture flow and self-acceptance
    • Strength-based plan to inspire a transformative journey
  • Personalized Yoga, Breathwork, and Reiki:
    • Customized yoga and breathwork sessions to enhance mind-body connection
    • Adaptive, restorative, or vinyasa yoga options
    • Customized breathwork techniques for enhanced connection
    • Balancing and energizing Reiki sessions tailored to your needs
  • Holistic Wellness Integration:
    • Introduction to Ayurvedic principles for enhanced holistic wellness
    • Personalized recommendations for lifestyle adjustments
  • Mindfulness and Self-Exploration:
    • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation and mindful awareness
    • Guided discussions for self-discovery
    • Exploration of traditional yoga concepts (ie: Koshas, Doshas, Gunas, and Chakras) for deeper self-understanding
    • Empowerment to cultivate self-awareness and transform unhelpful patterns

Join Jackie White on a holistic journey towards self-discovery and mind-body harmony. Embrace your inherent wholeness and cultivate a deeper connection to yourself and your body with Mind-Body Harmony.


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