About Collective Reparations

Collective Reparations is dedicated to fostering acknowledgment and healing for the enduring impacts of genocide, slavery, and colonization. We extend support to shoppers, vendors, nonprofits, for-profit entities, and government organizations by facilitating the distribution of redress. Our overarching goal is to contribute to the process of healing, repair, and closure, fostering a collective commitment to addressing historical injustices.

Christopher Rachal

Christopher is a Two-Spirit member of the Natchitoches Tribe with roots to the Eʋe, French, Caddo, Chitimacha, Canneci, Creek, Congo, Guinea, Irish, and Scottish people. He is a Creole descendant of Marie Thérèse CoinCoin, the self-liberated médecine, farmer and entrepreneur known for raising the nation’s wealthiest free family of color and establishing Cane River, Louisiana’s free people of color community during the late 1700’s.

Christopher is the dreamer behind Collective Reparations, an eCommerce store partnering to distribute reparations. He currently serves as the community & funding partnerships manager at Ecotrust and reparative strategy consultant at Black Food Fund. His educational journey includes an associates in recording arts from Full Sail University, a bachelors in Buddhist psychology with a minor in yoga from Naropa University and a masters in business sustainability from Presidio Graduate School.